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Ethel loves her animal friends and while we don't currently have a store cat (remember Edyth?) we do have other kitties to keep us company around the store.

We love this vintage ceramic panther lamp, complete with it's original shade. Perfect for that rockabilly lounge or that exotic jungle room!

Panther lamp is $125
UPDATE: Panther lamp has sold!

If you like your felines a little more domestic, check out this folk art pen & ink drawing. 5 cats instead of one, and they don't shed!
Cats by Pat is $45
UPDATE: Cats have sold!

If these cats are a little too abstract for you, how about this pair of big eyed friends? By kitschy "Big Eyed Art" artist Gig, these prints are from the Donald Art Company and are mounted on half inch thick corkboard with a hole for hanging. Perfect for that 70's Brady Bunch bedroom.
Pity Kitty and Pity Puppy are $15 each
UPDATE: Big Eyed kitty & puppy have sold!

If the big eyes are making you sad, then how about this black cat screened pair of salt & pepper shakers? This wooden set would add some feline fun to your knotty pine kitchen!
S&P shakers are $12 for the set
UPDATE: Salt & Pepper shakers have sold!

So, remember, it may be a dog eat dog world out there but kitties are always our friends!

See you at the store!

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