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Friday fun!

This friday we're showing off some of the new goodies we just got in, plus some lovely things that we would like to go out!
If the weather forecast for the weekend has you down (it's supposed to rain all day Saturday!), you could stay in and play boardgames. Take home this vintage Calgary Stampede Chuck Wagon races game for $20,

or this circa 1976 Careers game by Parker Brothers for $18.
Being a cowboy or a movie star is just a toss of the dice away!
UPDATE: Calgary Stampede game has sold!

If you can't wait for April showers to bring May flowers, then bring home this vintage Ingram daisy wall clock to cheer you up.
It'll brighten up your kitchen for $45, and it doesn't need watering.

If you love the clock, then you'll love this set of four 1970s Tupperware canisters in bright sunny yellow.

With the patented "burp" lid, these'll keep your flour, sugar, tea and coffee fresh!
UPDATE: Tupperware canisters have sold!

If the blues have got you blue, then you need this oversized blue glass snifter.

Perfect for a Blue Hurricane cocktail or maybe a new home for your goldfish! Cheaper than Murano glass at $35.

If you like your cocktails on the small side, then this darling little set is perfect.

Cocktails for four, so remember to share. The set is yours for $30.
UPDATE: Cocktail set has sold!

See you at the store!


  1. i love the Tupperware...how much for the set?

  2. Hi Lisa,
    I have $40 on the set 'cause it's in such good condition, but am always looking to make a deal!
    Drop by the store and we'll talk.