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Diary of a Danish Modern Sofa

Sometimes when we find furniture for the store, it needs a lot of work before it can go on the floor for sale.
Take this three seater danish modern sofa frame.

When we first found it, it was in rough shape. The webbing was all gone and the frame was dried out and needed some repairs. After trying to fit it in our hatchback, we had to call Princess Perfect to pick it up, which saved us a step as Lisa Jo was able to do the necessary repairs in order to get it ready for cushions.
Once the repairs were done and new webbing was installed, we picked fabric for the simple box cushions that work so well with this style of frame. We went with a nice neutral army green khaki, perhaps to honour the battle this sofa frame endured before being rescued by us!
These are the cushions, waiting to go on the frame.

When the frame was delivered this afternoon, it needed to be oiled.

See the difference? This wood was thirsty! We're pretty sure it's not teak, but possibly walnut. Teak oil works on both (as well as rosewood and any tight grain hardwood). We applied the teak oil with Bulldog brand superfine steel wool, always going in the direction of the woodgrain, to ensure the oil gets forced into the grain and does its magic. For you teak owners at home, try to do this at least once a year to ensure your teak pieces live a long time and don't dry out. Remember, wood is organic and needs to be fed!

Once the frame was all oiled up and looking much better, we put the new cushions on.

Now this sofa is ready for the shop floor, and hopefully will go home with someone soon! Priced at $1295, it won't last long so come by and check it out. It's really comfortable.
See you at the store!