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Pink Boomerangs!

We’re continuing with our project cleanout and today we have a 4’ x 8’ sheet of vintage pink boomerang Formica laminate.

The popular boomerang pattern was first introduced in the 50’s and was originally called “Skylark”. It has since been reissued every few years in different colourways.
It’s currently available through Formica only in Charcoal, but the Aqua version is still available till they run out of stock.

This version is from a late 80’s reissue and is in pink, a colour no longer available. We think it would be perfect for a vintage style pink powderoom or even an Airstream trailer makeover.
As you can see, this sheet has been rolled up, but will flatten out with a little perseverance.

There is a few chips on the edge, but shouldn’t be a problem if you’re thinking of using this for a small job.

The price for the sheet is $50.

Come by the store and check it out.

See you at the store!

UPDATE: The laminate has sold!

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