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Atomic Desk

As you all know, Ethel is one of the only stores in Toronto that sells the magazine Atomic Ranch. In the "Ranch Dressing" section of the latest issue, there's an inquiry about a desk that looked very familiar to us. In fact, it's a desk that we will be putting on the store floor for sale as soon as there's room to set it up, but we thought we'd give you blog readers a sneak peek.
Designed by Peter Lovig Nielsen in the 50's and manufactured by Hedensted Mobelfabrik in Denmark, this gorgeous boomerang shaped teak desk is a true work of art and we can't wait to show it to you. Unfortunately, it's disassembled in the basement, as we're waiting for room to properly showcase it on the store floor. So, you'll have to be satisfied with some web pictures we found of the same desk.

Don't you just love the flip down door revealing the mod graphic mirror? What a great hiding place for your secret stash of scotch, or vintage Playboys! This desk is meant to sit in the middle of a room so it can be enjoyed from all angles.
With three drawers there's plenty of room for work stuff too.

Once we have it on the store floor and all assembled, we'll be pricing it at $1295, as there are some issues with the legs, but overall, the desk is in fabulous shape. We think, once it's assembled and showcased in the store, it won't last so come by and see it before it goes.
See you at the store!

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  1. haha.. I saw that desk in Atomic Ranch as well.. Looks very nice..