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Let the Light in!

It's getting darker earlier every night now and we love the look of the store all lit up with vintage lamps. But you know what we love more? Sending those lamps home with customers!

Here's a pair of vintage 50's table lamps all dressed up with new shades from Aristocrat Lighting.

Priced at $225 each, or $400 for the pair, these brass beauties have pink, grey and gold details are perfect for your rockabilly retro lounge or just to dress up a dreamy bedroom.

If pink's not your colour and you want something more masculine, then check out this big blue baby.

The base is a lovely blue ceramic with brushstrokes of green, and has a wood neck and wood finial and with it's original linen weave shade, it's perfect for a bachelor pad or Scandinavian style space. It's priced at $375.
UPDATE: Big Blue has sold!

If Big Blue is too manly, then how about this exquisite Murano glass lamp?
This Italian beauty has a new silk shade, is so pretty and feminine, and is priced at $595. Perfect to dress up that Hollywood Regency sideboard.

If Hollywood glam is too much, then how about this minimal Space Age lamp?

Looking like something straight off the set of 2001 a Space Odyssey, this lamp has a light up band in the base and reminds us of R2D2. It's priced at $125 and would be perfect for your Moon base living room.

So let Ethel light up your life!
See you at the store!


  1. I'm kind of in love with that lamp. Can you tell me the dimensions?

  2. Sorry, I should specify: the retro-future one :P

  3. Hi,
    The "R2D2" lamp (the white one with the silver shade) is 31 1/2" tall (with the shade) and 7" in diameter at the base.
    It's still at the store and waiting for a good home!