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Chair love, part 2

I guess it's because we live in such a wonderful city, that the Fidoodle city blocks sold out long before the country blocks. Don't get me wrong, we have the utmost love and respect for our rural friends, but I think moms just liked the city blocks better.
Anyway, Ethel is not one to let her customers (especially the little ones) down, so we just got another order of them in.

These blocks are designed and manufactured right here in Toronto and are made from locally sourced maple flooring offcuts and use non-toxic inks. They're priced at $30 a set and are perfect for the baby hipster in your life. You can see more fabulous Fidoodle at their website. http://www.fidoodle.com/

We also got in another lovely little chair from Princess Perfect today.

This chair has all new upholstery and foam, a solid teak frame and the sloping arms make it perfect to use as a desk chair. We went with a grey fabric as we felt it looked quite masculine and we think it turned out quite smashing. It's priced at $595.

See you at the store!

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