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Ethel loves Wonderbread!

Most people don't know that Ethel rents out furniture to film shoots. So if you're ever watching a made in Canada blockbuster, or even just a CBC show, you may see a groovy lamp or sofa that you've seen before.
Recently we rented a whole whack of stuff out to a production company shooting a 50's era commercial for Wonderbread. Some of it was from our own private collection so you may not see it in the store, but those of you in Montreal will recognize the painting over the fireplace.
Anyway, look for the commercial. It's very cool, and who doesn't love Wonderbread?
See you at the store!

1 comment:

  1. I love the old spotty packaging. I saw an old school loaf of Wonderbread in the Oliver Stone movie, JFK and wished I could buy it immediately (I don't live in America so had never seen it before). Do they still use spotted packaging?
    The set looks very cool. Wish I could visit Ethel.