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Abstract 70's and kitschy 50's

One of the best things about Ethel, is she loves finding lots of interesting things for the store, and is not committed to the Herman Miller or Knoll catalogue. 20th Century design is so much more than that and you never know what we'll find for the store. Take this fabulous Frank Stella print, from the John Berggruen gallery in 1977.

Frank Stella is the American abstract painter and is often credited with bringing the supergraphic to it's height of popularity. His most influential period featured the use of polychromy in a series marked by intersecting geometric curvilinear shapes and plays of vivid and harmonious colours. He was given retrospective exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Art in 1970 and 1987, and for those of you familiar with David Mirvish books in Mirvish Villiage here in Toronto, you may remember one of his murals dominating the back wall. This print is $150 and would look smashing in a 70's inspired minimal interior.
UPDATE: Frank Stella print has sold

This Corbusier chaise lounge would also work well in a 70's interior. Originally designed in 1929 the LC4, it was dubbed "the ultimate relaxing machine" by Corbusier himself. This one is a Cassina licensed reissue and is priced at $750. For you purists out there, in 1964, while Le Corbusier was still alive, Cassina S.p.A. of Milan acquired the exclusive worldwide rights to manufacture his furniture designs. Today many copies exist, but Cassina is still the only manufacturer authorized by the Fondation Le Corbusier.
Lest you all think that we're taking ourselves too seriously with 70's abstracts and iconic loungers, we also have these barstools.

From far away, they look pretty standard, but get a load of this kitschy pattern on the vinyl!

This groovy brown and orange pattern would look perfect in your basement tiki bar or your Jetsons lounge.
Priced at $125 each or $500 for all five.
See you at the store!


  1. Hi ethel! Is THE lc4 chair for sale? How old is it and what is the serial number and how is it marked further? I am most interested! Thanks and regards, Joost Rethmeier