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To reupholster or not........

To reupholster, or to not reupholster...that is the question.
Whenever we find a nice sofa or chair for the store, we are faced with this decision. If the upholstery is in good condition, we put it on the floor "as is" and let the customer decide if they want to get it re-done. If the piece is in dire need of some TLC (rips, tears, springs poking through the seat...), it goes off to Princess Perfect, where Lisajo will work her magic and help us reinvent an otherwise destined for the dumpster sofa, chair or daybed.

We found this piece today and while the original upholstery is in decent shape, I can't get over the Aztec vibe and I think it would do well if it had a make-over. I'm thinking pink, purple and orange paisley velvet ala Austin Powers or maybe a bold graphic black and white op art print. The chair is enormous and glamorous and fabulous and we here at Ethel are asking you, our Ethelonian followers if we should go ahead with our vision, or if we should let our customers decide.
Let us know your thoughts, as we want to see this baby on the store floor.
See you at the store!

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