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Spring is (almost) here

Last week's warm weather got us all excited and looking forward to spring. While it's cold and chilly out there today, it's fun to daydream of when the tiki patio lanterns are on, and we're sitting outside, a drink in hand.

This pair of bamboo frame lounge chairs would look right at home on a swank patio in Palm Beach. But if you can't make it to Florida, why not bring them home and enjoy a bit of tropical decor in your own home! They have new cushions in a lovely pale green basketweave pattern and are priced at $1400 for the pair. The wicker and wire table between them features a removable wicker tray and magazine shelf below, and is priced at $150. Perfect for cocktails or magazines!

If you don't have room for new tiki furniture, how about a set of daisy coasters, a groovy floral tray and a springtime green cocktail set?

The tray is $12, the coasters are $12 and the cocktail set is $40.

Plastic dishes may bring back bad memories of summer camp, but they're great for the picnic table. Come by the store and check out our selection of vintage Brady Bunch hued Melmac dishes and serving ware. All guaranteed to make that back yard barbecue or balcony brunch just a little more groovy.

If you just can't do plastic, then here's a gorgeous serving platter by Vera Neumann.

Known more for her textile designs, in particular her bold print ladies scarves, she also designed patterns for dishware, and this is a lovely example of her freehand work in Ethel's favourite colours of turquoise, peacock blue and chartreuse. It sells for $40 and would look smashing in your Brini Maxwell dining room.
See you at the store!

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