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Rec Room Chic

As well as the lovely red chrome deco chairs we posted about on Boxing day, we've decided to mark down a few more things to make room for more fun stuff in the new year.
This adorable little striped sofa would be perfect in a small condo. It's tres 70's chic and is on sale for $500.

If you're feeling the cold this time of year, then maybe you need a fireplace. This modern freestanding fireplace is priced at $995, with 15% off (you do the math!) and comes complete with all the chimney pieces.
UPDATE: Fireplace has sold

If you're concerned about installation and fire codes I can refer you to the architect here, who we share space with. His name is Paul Dowsett, and his firm is called Sustainable.to. Here's a picture of his dog, Creemore. He can keep you warm too, but he's not for sale!

To celebrate the New Year, we're celebrating Rec Room Chic. What rec room would be complete without a vintage cocktail bar.

This one is a jaunty barrel shaped bar, with a raised surface and display window for all your groovy bar glasses. It's only $195 and would be fantastic for your New Years party.
UPDATE: Barrel bar has sold

If you don't have any groovy bar glasses, we can help you out with that too. Ethel always has a few sets of vintage barware so come on by and pick up a set.
See you at the store!

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