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Christmas at Ethel

For those of you who've never been to Ethel, we're a vintage furniture shop that specializes in 20th century design. Since I've taken over the store, I've had a ball looking for fun stuff to bring into the store. Sometimes the stuff comes to me, which makes my job easy. Today, I bought this fantastic chair, and after a little bit of soap and water, it came out beautifully. It's a great example of 50's kitsch, with the two colour vinyl upholstery and chrome frame. I'm thinking it could be from either a beauty parlour or a swingin' rockabilly juke joint. Right now it's at Ethel, priced at $295.

Dontcha just love the chartreuse and coral upholstery?
Here's a close-up of the chartreuse vinyl. The abstract daisies are the best!

Another piece we have on the floor right now is this fabulous mod 1970's italian vanity.

Made by Kastilia, it's perfect for the single gal in a studio apartment, and it's a steal at $495.
If funky furniture won't fit under your tree this year, how about some vintage barware? Ethel has lots of fun and silly sets of bar glasses, mod ice buckets and 60's italian decanters to spice up your cocktails this year.

The danish desk is $495, and the cocktailware ranges in prices.

Along with the vintage barware, there's lots of vintage glassware too.
And to finish up your Christmas shopping, you'll need some festive vintage ornaments for your tree and some cards and paper to wrap everything up with.

The cards and paper are by Whigby, and the vintage ornaments are going fast!


  1. Hello i am italian were is your SHOP
    the Kastilia is very beatiful

  2. Hi,

    I know it's a little late: but is the Kastilia still available?