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Swinging 60's disposable dollhouse!

Sometimes when we're shopping for the store, we find things we just can't part with. Take this vintage cardboard cut out dollhouse this past weekend that we found at the St. Lawrence Antique Market.
We have a weakness for vintage dollhouses, especially those that are more modern and less fussy. This one caught our eye with the bright mod colours and swinging 60's details, and the fact that it's cardboard and had NEVER been put together meant that it was in mint condition!
Designed by Maureen Roffey, a British illustrator, who also illustrated children's books in the same bright colourful style, this house epitomizes the fun pop sensibilities of late 60's swinging London.

Check out the fabulous mod colours and patterns!

The furniture has that wonderful Mod meets Victorian vibe. I bet a lot of British townhouses looked like this in the 60s.

We had tons of fun assembling everything ant putting it all together.

This may end up in the shop sooner or later. In fact, we'd love to find a modern version of this that we could sell in the store. In the meantime, we're going to keep it around for inspiration.
See you at the store! 

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