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Colour Blocking

Colour blocking is all the rage in fashion, and you know what they say, what goes around comes around!

Take this pair of 1960's sofas.
Sofas are $650 each
$1200 for pair

Manufactured in Sweden and originally purchased at DeBoers, they have a slab style frame in painted white with their original orange wool cushions.

From the same house are these unbelievable end tables and coffee tables.
Designed by Eduard Kubis, they feature a combination of rosewood veneer and a textured white laminate. The coffee table has a circular plexiglass insert that lights up from within, as well as a half circle cut out on the side.

Coffee table is $375

The matching corner table has two half circle plexiglass inserts on the side that also light up (they're not plugged in right now...one of the challenges with this new space is the lack of outlets!).
Square corner table is $275

There's also a small rectangular side table in the same veneer that doesn't light up.
End table is $175

Also by Kubis is this fantastic platform sofa.
Platform sofa is $595

This sofa has a built in side table and features a dark stained wood and white laminate frame with the original mustard wool cushions. It also has a matching side chair with a white painted frame.

Side chair is $195
(It looks small but is really comfy!)

If you're not familiar with Eduard Kubis, you may remember the gigantic blue sofa we had in our old location about two years ago that was a prototype designed by him. We nicknamed it the aircraft carrier due to it's asymmetrical geometric shape. You can read all about it here in the October 2010 blog post, Sexy Sofa Time.

So don't be afraid of colour and remember, life is too short for beige!

See you at the store!

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