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Cleaning out the basement

If you haven’t heard already, Ethel is looking for a new home! We’re still hoping to stay in Leslieville, but if not, we’re looking for retail space in Corktown, Gerrard & Jones or possibly Riverside. Ethel is, at heart, an east end gal after all!

Since we are moving soon, we are starting to clear out the basement and finally get some of our basement projects done.

Take this set of three chairs.

When we got them, they were in a sad state, with shredded upholstery, dried out foam and sun bleached wood frames. The first step was to get them to Princess Perfect so Lisa Jo could get the seats and backs removed and ready for reupholstery. The second step was to clean up the frames.

  • First, a liberal scrub down with Murphy’s Oil Soap to remove any dust, dirt, old wax and general schmutz
  • Second, a coat of new dark stain to unify the wood colour and to offset the sun-faded arms
  • Third, wipe off any excess stain with Old English lemon oil furniture polish

Then, the frames had to dry overnight before we reattached the newly re-upholstered seats and backs. We had a couple of bolts of vintage deadstock fabric just waiting for the right project, so we went with two in the mustard and one in the coral. We’ve only had them on the floor since Saturday morning and already the coral one has been oohed and aahed over by most of our customers! The chairs are priced at $495 each, $875 for a pair, or $1350 for all three.

UPDATE: All three chairs have sold! Only 2 days on the store floor too!

We also decided to install this pair of teak swing-armed teak wall sconces that we've had in the basement for a while now.

A view of the sconces from inside the store
(we'd LOVE to buy the building across the street, and turn it into Ethel's new home,
but it's not for sale and buildings are really expensive...)

A view of the sconces from outside
UPDATE: One sconce has sold... and there's one left

The bubbled glass shades have a slight amber tinge which makes them very 60’s glam! We think they’d look great as bedside lamps (keeping your nightstands free) or on either side of a teak credenza. The sconces are $95 each or $175 for the pair.

So come by the store and help us clean out our basement. And if you know of any retail spaces for lease in the east end, let us know!

See you at the store!

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