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Kitschy Christmas!

We're still recovering from Holiday Wanderlust, and while all the cookies and cider were all gone by 9pm, the crowds stayed much later! The night was a total success and we were so happy to see so many people out supporting small businesses and sharing our Christmas cheer!
Cookies before the crowds came...they were all gone by 9pm!

We still have lots of vintage ornaments and Whigby ornaments left too, but if you're looking for something more kitschy, Ethel's your gal!

How about this vintage ceramic lamp with the original chartreuse 2 tiered fiberglass shade? Perfect for a rockabilly lounge, or film noir bedroom!
Lamp is $125

If you're going to a lot of holiday cocktail parties, then what about a set of vintage cocktail glasses for the hostess?
Set of 6 Pop Art Stars & Stripes - $30
Set of 6 Frosted highballs with red, white & blue straws, cherries and ice cube pattern - $30
UPDATE: Both sets of cocktail glasses have sold!

Or how about this decanter & shotglass set? Who said basketweave had to be granny?
Decanter set - $24
UPDATE: Decanter set has sold!

If you're the one throwing the cocktail party, then you need this vintage drinking game to get your guests in the holiday spirit!
Vintage "Bottoms Up" drinking game - $20
(Just make sure your guests are OK to drive after playing!)

For the gals (or guys) at the office, how about this pair of vintage 60's Pop Art coffee mugs from Japan, in electric green & blue? Their morning cup of coffee will never be so cheery!
Crazy Daisy mugs - $6 each.

If you're buying for a workaholic, then how about a vintage desk caddy? These cork desk organizers are very 70's executive. All you need is some thumbtacks, a wide tie and polyester suit!
Desk caddies - prices vary
UPDATE: desk caddies have both sold!

If you're shopping for a bookworm, how about a stack of vintage pulp novels? So trashy!
Pulp novels - $4 each or 3 for $10

If all else fails, you can stick with classic red and green.
Art glass, decanters and goblets - prices vary

So remember, kitsch is always good for Christmas!
See you at the store!

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