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Ethel goes International!

Sometimes we fantasize about all the great trips Ethel gets to take while we're running the store for her.
We can imagine her lounging at the beach getting some sun, ordering the cabana boys around.
(Vintage teak folding deck chair $95)
UPDATE: deck chair has sold!

Or riding horses in Arizona, wearing her best Calamity Jane costume, ordering the cowboys around.
(Vintage souvenir ashtray - $15)

or Oklahoma, where she'll be wearing her best Annie Oakley costume, ordering the cowgirls around!
(original cast soundtrack on vinyl - prop rental only)

Or perhaps she's strolling the boulevards and back alleys of Gay Paree, looking for romance, ordering the snooty french waiters around.
(Vintage Paris street scene print - $45)

Or in sunny Spain, taking pictures of the bullfights with her handy Brownie Fiesta, ordering the matadors around.
(Vintage Brownie Fiesta camera w/ original box - $22)
UPDATE: Brownie Fiesta camera has sold!

Perhaps she's swimming in the ocean with the help of a pair of vintage flippers, ordering the fish around.
(Vintage multicoloured rubber diving flippers - $40)

Well, wherever she is, we hope she's having the time of her life!
(Vintage Snider ball clock - $45)
UPDATE: Snider clock has sold!

Here in Leslieville, however, it's coffee time!
(vintage Made in Japan ceramic coffee pot - $20)

See you at the store!

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