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Vintage AND Modern

Vintage doesn't always mean modern. And modern can look vintage. There's "mid century modern" and there's "mid century modest". Ethel tries to stay on the modern side of things, but sometimes we find something that isn't strictly "modern" but is darling and vintage.

Look at this poodle card! Kitschy 50's and sooo not modern, but soooo vintage!

He's part of this line of vintage greeting cards.
The top row are vintage 1950's diecut cards, and while they're not slick MadMen modern, they are adorable and would be perfect for the Donna Reed in your life. They're vintage deadstock (meaning they've never been used) and are priced at $6 each, and of course, there's limited quantities.
Fast forward 20 years, and you have the 70's stylings of the cards on the second row. Straight out of the disco decade, these cards are cute in their own way, but are definitely a different vibe than the 50's kitsch above. These are $4 each, and again, limited quantities.

Then we have something that is sooo totally modern, yet is very vintage.
This classic Saarinen marble topped dining table is at least 30 years old, yet looks right out of the pages of Dwell magazine. It's the 35.75" diameter version and was originally introduced in 1956 as part of the Saarinen Collection of dining and low tables for Knoll. This vintage modern version is priced at $1800 and would be perfect for your slick modern abode!
UPDATE: The Saarinen table has sold!

Anyway, remember...vintage isn't always modern, but is usually better than what's modern and not vintage.
See you at the store!

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