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Drinks by the fire...

Summer is still here, but fall is right around the corner. I know, I know, it's still almost 30 degrees outside on a daily basis, but soon we'll all be pulling out sweaters and cozying up on the Danish Modern with big blankets and hot toddies.
This set of textured amber glass goblets would be perfect for that hot toddy, or a hot buttered rum.

The large set of four is $24 and the small set of four is $22.

If you like your glassware to be a little less textured and a little more Italian, then check out this set.

Wine glasses, schnapps glasses, champagne flutes, water goblets,...it's all here. At $6 each for large and $4 each for small, you can build your own stemware set and still have money left over for the LCBO!

If you need ice for that drink, then why not use this Dansk ice bucket?

The Congo Ice Bucket was designed for Dansk by Jens Quistgaard back in 1955, and still looks modern today.
Priced at $135, it'll keep your ice cold and your bar looking deliciously Danish!
UPDATE: Dansk ice bucket has sold

Why complete this scene and put some Burt Bacharach on the turntable and Chex snack mix in one of these!

Priced at $8 each, these kitschy record bowls are a perfect snack server for your intimate evening by the fire. Just don't get them too close to the flames as they may melt even more!
See you at the store!

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